October 28, 2015

A Conference “Towards LONGEVITY. Successful Successions of Family Companies”

A conference titled “Towards LONGEVITY. Successful successions of family companies” took place on October 22, 2015 at the Concordia Design in Poznań. It summed up a three-year project known as Value Codes. The meeting was to provide answers to the following questions: “How to assure longevity to a family business?”, “How to survive the process of intergenerational change?” and “Why is it worthwhile to draft a constitution of a family company?”

During the conference the participants had an opportunity to talk with a group of experts such as Dr. Adrianna Lewandowska, President of the Family Business Institute, Project Merit Leader, Dr. Herwig Friedag, a Consultant on the Development Strategy of Family Businesses, and Prof. Jan Klimek and Dr. Jacek Lipiec from the Warsaw School of Economics. Actively participating in the debate were also entrepreneurs who had already gone through the succession process.

Naturally, the conference speakers included CMT Advisory representatives. Professor Maciej Stradomski was a co-moderator of the meeting and the participants had ample opportunity to engage in dialogue with CMT experts at our stand.

During the conference, the experts indicated a way to assure the sustainability of businesses through the adoption of a family business constitution. Preparation of succession schedule and implementation of a development strategy may not suffice for the company to survive the process of intergenerational succession. It is therefore in order to draft a family business constitution, the first step towards the company’s longevity, which sets out the principles of the company’s presence in the family and of the family’s presence in the business.

During the meeting, after two years of work on the formulation of values, principles and provisions, the Kostrzewski Family signed the Family Business Constitution in a solemn celebration.

Detailed information about the conference and the subject of family companies can be found at the platform www.sukcesja.org.pl

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