A well-developed strategy of the company's development and realisation of the intended objectives is not only a source of economic growth, but also strengthens the image of the company among its employees and clients and on the market.


During the various stages of its operations, a company faces questions about possible development directions, clients, goals to be accomplished in different time perspectives, as well as costs, marketing, effective process management, and employee productivity and development.

A well-designed and implemented business development strategy defines responses to specific questions in the form of concrete actions aimed at strengthening the company's market position, reversing negative sales trends and achieving better performance results.

As part of the Family Office, continuing its wealth management and investment services, CMT Advisory offers years of experience and collaboration with professionals in various fields of finance and management, providing support for drafting and implementing development strategies, including defining business scope, current and potential markets as well as developing an approach to defining target client groups and, above all, defining the required objectives.


As part of the service, we also monitor business performance and support ongoing strategy modification and updating.