Family businesses are a diverse group of business entities with varying degrees of family influence, size, business profile, or location. What all of them have in common, however, is the challenge that each will undoubtedly have to face: the succession and survival of the company as a family business.


Succession is a very sensitive issue for family businesses. This is because of the crucial importance of the emotional aspect, as at stake is the continuation of family legacy and traditions. There are many reasons for a possible failure of the succession process. No doubt the most important issue is a lack of will to hand over power or simply a lack of willing and / or qualified successors among the family members.

The Family Office service offers support for succession processes in family businesses, providing the long-time owners with the tools necessary to gradually transfer knowledge, power and ownership to their successors.

When it is impossible to hand over the company to successive generations, CMT Advisory offers an analysis of alternative solutions, including primarily a search for a financial and strategic investor with a view to:

  • a joint, further building of the value of the company and its resale;
  • reducing the involvement of family members while leaving in their hands part of the ownership and family culture.