Capital groups of a complex business structure increasingly use shared service centres. Centralising ancillary services offers tangible economic benefits, such as cost reduction at the level of the whole group.


This service is dedicated to those who have already implemented the management fee model and want to verify it in terms of compliance with applicable regulations and documentation requirements as well as for those planning to develop a shared services model. 

The development of a new billing model includes:

  • list of services included in the management fee,
  • indication of the cost base and corresponding cost allocation keys for each management fee service,
  • design of a calculation sheet for the billing of management fee services within the Capital group,
  • development of templates for invoices for service beneficiaries,
  • indication of the requisite documents confirming the actual performance of services,
  • consultancy in drafting a contract for corporate services,
  • preparation of model tax documentation,
  • training sessions for people responsible for management fee services and for their billing.

Our services in this field include as follows:

  • analysis of previously applied accounting principles for corporate services and proposition of changes improving tax security, or
  • development of a new model of corporate services settlements.

The analysis of the existing settlement model includes as follows:

  • analysis of the accounting rules applied in corporate services on the basis of a selected tax year,
  • compilation of a report concerning changes assuring improved tax security.