Support of an external finance director

We dedicate the service to all enterprises, specifically SMEs, both employing a Financial Director position and those not having at present any employee in that position.

As a consulting company we have the requisite skills in activities linked to the duties performed by a financial director. Cooperation with CMT Advisory will allow you to benefit from many years of experience of our specialists in the fields of finance, controlling and consulting. Members of our team have experience gained during the implementation of projects of participating in Supervisory Boards, which will allow us to implement best practices in corporate financial management.

Cooperation with an external finance director will allow you to focus on strategic aspects of business operations.

The tasks performed by the external financial director include, among others, the following:

  • ongoing support of the company’s management in the field of finance and accounting,
  • designing the company’s accounting policy,
  • cooperation with the accounting department and the financial controller via supervising their work,
  • conducting activities aimed at increasing the company’s profitability and its value,
  • responsibility for cooperation with financial institutions,
  • supervising the company’s financial liquidity,
  • participating in strategic decisions, including those concerning mergers and acquisitions.

Our support has a positive impact on many aspects of the company’s operation. Regular control of financial data and demonstration of all the major trends and events in an accessible way will allow you to both supervise more closely the functioning of key processes in the company and identify emerging threats early on.

As part of the service, at least one of our specialists will be permanently dedicated to fulfilling the duties of a financial director and will be responsible for the ongoing support of the Management Board and employees of the company in their daily duties.

Another tailor-made solution benefiting the Customer is the option of concluding an agreement based on remuneration for the hourly involvement of CMT Advisory personnel within a predefined scope. The acceptable variants of the service are the ad-hoc support of the financial director in case of need and upon request by the company or the implementation of specific, contractually defined tasks within the scope of the financial director’s duties, within a specified period of time.

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