Our values

We provide an ambitious and professional approach based
on experience and academic knowledge.

Practical knowledge

For 11 years we have been sharing the knowledge and expertise gained through academic and professional activities. Our team consists of experts with academic degrees in finance and economics, as well as individuals who hold the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. We are well aware  that what counts in our industry is knowledge, so we are constantly improving our competence and striving for excellence. In doing so, we keep a close eye on the latest trends and innovations which can be applied in the practice of corporate financial management.

Every day we liaise with experts from various disciplines to find optimal solutions for our customers’ needs. At the same time we follow national best practices, and the expertise of partners from the international network of transaction advisors, AICA. In our daily work we use research know-how from the Poznań University of Economics, knowledge of current standards and legal regulations, as well as concepts developed during the implementation of a diverse range of projects.


Customers can rely on us. Not only because we help them achieve their goals, but also because we our policies are transparent, we deliver before the deadline, and are consistent and effective. We quickly adapt to the changing environment, striving for excellence and continuous development, as an organization and a team of experts.

Our interdisciplinary competences combined with scientific inquisitiveness allow us to spot opportunities and find the best solutions. At the same time we guarantee security and full confidentiality at every stage of the project. With all this we win trust of clients who return with more projects and recommend our services throughout their network.

Partnership relationship

We offer not merely a service, but a relationship so that our partners know they can always rely on us. This relationship is marked with initiative, the setting of new horizons, or indication of further areas of effective business.  We don’t like ad hoc solutions and superficial measures. Our partners’ needs are addressed holistically and with full commitment that translates into maximized benefits. We are acutely conscious of the problems and challenges of entrepreneurs, and that is why we attach great importance to optimal communication, and the availability and flexibility of our experts.

Our commitment is also expressed through local, regional and international initiatives. We actively support student research groups at the Poznań University of Economics. Together with the Institute of Family Business, we look after the development of family businesses in Poland, and by taking part in the research and projects of AICA international network of transaction advisors we exchange experience and practices in the global market.