Our values

We provide an ambitious and professional approach based
on experience and academic knowledge.

Practical knowledge

For 20 years we have been closely connected with the academic community. Our team is made up of distinguished academicians from the University of Economics and Business in Poznań.

Over the years we have established direct relations with
an interdisciplinary group of specialists.

We conduct numerous research studies on the theory of corporate finance.

We regularly take part in scientific conferences and symposia.

Family Business

In cooperation with the Family Business Institute we support the development of family businesses in Poland.

We conduct research, produce reports and write publications on family business.

Prof. Maciej Stradomski, PhD, is the Chairman of the Policy Council of the Family Business Institute.

We are a partner of the International Congress of Family Businesses, the Polish National Congress of Successors Next Generation and the Family Business of the Year competition.

International cooperation

Since 2016, we have been a member of the Association of International Transaction Advisers AICA.

Within the AICA network, we are active in identifying potential investors in the global market.

The Alliance of International Corporate Advisors consists of over one hundred transaction advisors from 41 companies located in 36 countries on 6 continents.

Cooperation within the international advisory group allows us to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices from different regions of the world.