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Every company should have a development strategy that will entail organic development, development through acquisitions or a combination of the two growth paths.

As a professional advisory company, we are able to comprehensively and optimally integrate the acquisition process into the organisation’s daily life. We support our clients from the very start of the acquisition process, actively participating in drafting the criteria to be met by the desired acquisition candidate until the transaction is finalised.



One of the conditions for a successful acquisition that will increase the value of a business and help to achieve the expected return on investment is the adequate planning and execution of the transaction.

When the management or owners of the company are ready to proceed with an acquisition, we begin joint work on the assumptions and objectives of the project, namely the acquisition of another entity. At the beginning, it is vital to get to know the organization and to determine what qualities an ideal candidate should have.

Identifying the potential targets on the market, contacting them and submitting an offer to the selected entity are crucial parts of the process. Upon the acceptance of the offer, in cooperation with companies providing tax, accounting and legal advisory services, CMT Advisory conducts a due diligence study of the company to be acquired.

After a successful completion of the work, we prepare the final valuation of the entity to be acquired, support the client in preparing the binding offer and participate in price negotiations. The finalisation of the process involves the signing of an acquisition agreement and integration following the acquisition.




Together with the Client, we try to identify the desirable criteria of the business being the transaction target, so that the best possible synergy effect can be achieved after the purchase.

When searching for the transaction target, we start by familiarising ourselves with the characteristics of the buyer’s business and with getting to know its needs.

The next step is to conduct a market analysis and to draw up a long list of potential transaction targets. The list will include mostly from a dozen to several dozen entities, broken down by industry, geographic markets and other selected criteria.

Then, together with our Client, we set the final target list of entities to be contacted with a view to inquiring about a possible acquisition.

CMT Advisory advisors contact the chosen entities. A potential investor signs a confidentiality clause with the selected companies in order to obtain the data necessary to prepare a pre-acquisition valuation. Furthermore, meetings are held, after which the investor, with the support of our specialists, chooses the preferred acquisition object. Next, a non-binding offer is drafted and submitted.



The transaction process involving the acquisition of a business requires a valuation of the business being the transaction object.

As a result of the transaction, the acquiring party may obtain synergies resulting from, e.g. optimising costs by integrating overlapping areas or by increasing the efficiency of the use of both companies’ resources and their distribution channels, which leads to increased profitability.

Expected synergies should be included in the financial model so that the investment value of the acquired company can be determined and the maximum price level that can be paid for the acquisition is precisely determined.




Determining the optimal structure of the transaction is vital during an enterprise acquisition. Transaction structuring includes issues such as: the shares or the stock to be acquired, payment form and timeline, sources of financing the transaction, or the identification of the entity to directly acquire the shares.

Since the acquisition of another business most often involves costs far beyond the capacity of the acquiring entity, it is necessary to obtain additional financing.

Available solutions include e.g. obtaining a bank loan. Due to the conservative approach of financial institutions to get involved in new projects and the stringent requirements they set for applicants, employing an advisor can favourably influence process effectiveness and duration.

Support usually covers the preparation of relevant information and analyses of the investment project, preparation of a business plan and a financial model as well as negotiations with banks or investors.

Persons responsible for overseeing the proper conduct of the transaction process

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