Debt portfolio sales advisory services

The sale of the debt portfolio is a key process in the management of the company’s receivables. In a situation where overdue receivables gain a mass scale, it is worth considering entrusting the debt collection process to a company specializing in this area.

Transactions of sale of single receivables or their portfolios help to

  • improve the liquidity position and release cash,
  • reduce internal debt collection functions,
  • improve the capital adequacy ratio,
  • improve the structure of the receivables portfolio.

Operations of this type make it possible to release the potential for further development of the company. The market is showing a tendency to sell more and more fresh, less delayed or even delayed receivables.

CMT helps to organize a reliable and transparent process of selling organized parts of the company, portfolios of receivables as well as individual receivables, supporting creditors in making optimal business decisions. Involvement of an external advisor in the debt sales process can help to reach a wider range of bidders and to obtain favourable transaction terms.

The CMT team have participated in various types of debt sales transactions. The experience we have gained allows us to offer support in the sale of receivables, which includes activities such as:

  • support in identification and selection of the optimal debt portfolio for sale,
  • valuation of receivables held for sale,
  • analysis of the scenarios of the planned transaction and a recommendation in terms of sales structuring,
  • assessment of the accounting effects (impact on the result, level of capital) and tax consequences of the transaction under consideration,
  • preparation of documentation related to the release of the pledge,
  • preparation of materials for investors, such as information memorandum, debt statement or documentation for due diligence process,
  • active acquisition of investors,
  • support in negotiations with investors,
  • cooperation with lawyers in the preparation of transaction documentation.

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