Ongoing reporting and ownership supervision support

The amount of information available to owners and managerial staff of a modern enterprise often prevents getting the essence necessary to make key strategic decisions and hence to exercise due supervision by Owners.

Due to lack of time and tools, a lot of entrepreneurs are unable to find answers to questions about effective functioning of the entire enterprise and individual departments or assessment of profitability of individual products. With a lot of information appearing it is important to have appropriate support.

Ownership supervision we offer will allow you to gather and structure data and draw conclusions necessary to make key decisions. Holding proper analyses may directly translate to the market success of a company at the same time making it possible to generate maximum benefits for its Owners.

The ownership supervision service is dedicated to entities’ Owners that wish to obtain financial information going beyond the scope of financial statements and also Management Board members who want to obtain analytical materials that have been adequately prepared and adjusted.


Implementation of external ownership supervision comprises the following stages:

  • analysis of the specific nature of the enterprise,
  • obtaining reliable information about the functioning enterprise,
  • optimisation of the reporting system,
  • drafting a managerial report,
  • comprehensive analysis of the report,
  • increased decision-making abilities of the Management Board and Owners.

Works performed by CMT Advisory specialists following the above presented scheme will enable getting to know in-depth the specificity of the enterprise and also its strengths and weaknesses.

One of effects of implementation of external ownership supervision will be introduction of improvements in the functioning entity, which will translate to a better quality of information coming from the Management Board and Owners, and in consequence generating an increase in the enterprise value.

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