Business plans and market analysis


We offer drawing up a business plan for a functioning enterprise or a new business idea.

The first stage is getting to know the enterprise or the idea behind its activities, which enables CMT Advisory consultants to tailor the scope of works performed to the industry and specific nature of the project. Then, the most complex part of the project starts where business assumptions are determined and quantified. This will enable an idea to be converted into figures and the enterprise future will be simulated in a financial model developed by CMT Advisory specialists.

Business plan developed by our team is a reliable picture of the business concept, enterprise or the entire capital group.


In the former case, the service is frequently applied in connection with restructuring of an entity or a dynamic development of a company that grows its business by adding new products or services.

The need to draw up a business plan may also arise from formal requirements of the bank that is the company’s lender or other financial institutions or potential investors.

The business plan can also make a perfect tool to plan and control achievement of the enterprise’s goals.


The effect is a document containingkey analyses:

  • characteristics of the entity or planned project,
  • key financial data,
  • description of assumptions made,
  • financial forecast of the activities,
  • financial analysis and conclusions.


As a result of the service of business plan preparation, you will obtain a comprehensive business and financial analysis of the planned project along with determination of its profitability.



Market analysis is a vital element of a business plan as well as a separately compiled document.

Many years of experience in the implementation of projects from different sectors and access to specialized tools allows us to thoroughly analyse the situation in selected sectors.


The market analyses of CMT Advisory include elements such as:

  • industry characteristics, its volume and dynamics of development in particular years, together with forecasts of changes,
  • characteristics of the markets closely related to a given industry, their status and development prospects which directly affect the industry,
  • identification of entities constituting direct competition or entities above / below the production chain,
  • analysis of the transactional market and indication of current market trends and development prospects as to possible mergers and acquisitions by market participants.

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