Valuation of a company, shares or stock

Knowledge of goodwill is an important element of the company’s management, one of the reasons for making strategic decisions about the future of a business.

Each company is unique and has a variety of resources; therefore, a company’s valuation requires a custom-made approach and a detailed analysis of the valuation objective.


Company valuations are made, inter alia, for the sake of:

  • sales transactions,
  • donations,
  • merger, division, acquisition, or sale of a business,
  • change of legal form,
  • restructuring,
  • change of a company’s ownership structure,
  • court proceedings,
  • providing information for the owner,
  • identification of the parity exchanges of shares or stock.

Our approach to each project is both unique and comprehensive, so it is important at the beginning of the cooperation to get to know the specifics of the business and to determine the valuation objective. Analysis of the market and of the current financial standing of, and of the property owned by the business helps us to select an appropriate valuation method and specify what detailed information is required.

After collecting and analysing all the data, we make a valuation of the company. The final stage of the process is to present the results to the Client and to provide a valuation report.


Three types of valuation methods are used to determine the fair value of a company: the property methods, the comparative methods and the income ones.


Property methods are based on the valuation of individual assets.

Depending on the valuation objective, adequate value standards (accounting, market value, liquidation) are applied.


Comparative methods refer the value of the company under valuation to comparable public companies or comparable past transactions via appropriately selected multipliers.


Company valuation by means of an income method consists in reducing future cash flows generated by an enterprise to their value at the valuation date.

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