Asset and investments management

Asset and investment management is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process that requires the knowledge, experience and commitment of experts in the field. It is therefore possible that independent actions taken by the Owners in this respect may be found ineffective.

As part of the Family Office, CMT Advisory offers asset management support, understood as all and any assets held by the company, primarily real estate, shares, bonds, and other financial and non-monetary assets. The purpose of the service, apart from the protection of property, is also to support its development and growth, i.e. investment management.

Many entrepreneurs do not decide on investment or development projects not due to a lack of funding but because of a lack of human resources, ready to face the many challenges that may arise during the implementation of such projects.

The CMT Advisory team works with professionals from multiple sectors to gain additional expertise and propose new solutions, even in the case of non-standard projects. Implementing investment projects by external forces helps entrepreneurs to gain access to specialized knowledge and expertise in the field of management, without having to permanently increase employment.


CMT Advisory helps you to efficiently execute your investment projects through project management activities that help to achieve business goals within a specified timeline. CMT Advisory cooperates with all the project stakeholders, paying particular attention to proper planning and efficient use of resources. Responsibilities include:

  • defining project objectives and scope,
  • creating a schedule of activities and budgets and supervision of their implementation,
  • identifying and ongoing management of resources needed to implement the project,
  • managing the project team,
  • identifying project risks and preparing a project risk management program,
  • establishing and leading the operations of the investment committee,
  • submitting reports to the steering committee.

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