Opinions concerning value for the needs of economic disputes, valuation of property damage

When conducting a business activity, conflicts may arise (such as failure to comply with the terms of the contract, unauthorized termination of the contract or unlawful use of the company’s assets), which may result in property damage to the company and its partners.

Disputes often occur in the area of ​​corporate property rights and taking corporate action causing property damage to certain shareholders of companies.

In such a situation it is possible to seek compensation for the damages incurred. To file such claims, a fair value of the damage incurred must be determined.

Crucial for assessing the damage caused by a given event is the appropriate identification of all the circumstances surrounding the damage in question and of all the parties involved in their incidence. A list of the damage incurred is drawn up after a thorough review of the situation and after the determination of the negligence of the parties. Evaluating their impact on further business activity or the owner’s property situation is the basis for the valuation of the damage.

CMT’s custom-made approach to damage valuation assumes that the project is implemented in two stages: the first involves a detailed damage identification and the second consists in assessing the specific components of the damage identified.

The valuation of economic losses includes the following stages:


Analysis of the factual state.


Identification of the stakeholders and the entities involved.


Description of negligence and the resulting dispute.


Determining the value of the resulting damage.


Determining the impact of negligence on the project, stakeholders and entities involved.


Compilation of a list of the loss incurred by the project or business and the stakeholders due to the negligence.

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