We dedicate the service to all enterprises, specifically SMEs, both employing a Financial Director position and those not having at present any employee in that position.

As a consulting firm we have necessary skills as regards actions related to responsibilities of the financial director. Co-operation with CMT Advisory will allow you to benefit from long-term experience of our specialists in the area of finance, controlling and advice gained during project implementation. Members of our team have experience of sitting on Supervisory Boards, which will enable implementation of best practices in enterprise finance management.

Co-operation with an external Financial Director will enable you to focus on strategic aspects of the business.

Our support has a beneficial impact on a number of aspects of the enterprise. Regular control of financial data and presentation of any significant tendencies and events in a plain manner will permit you to have a stricter supervision over key processes at the company as well as an early identification of risks.

As part of the service, at least one of our specialists will be transferred permanently to perform responsibilities of a Financial Director and will be responsible for day-to-day support to the Management Board and staff of the enterprise in their daily duties.

A solution beneficial to the Client may also be an hourly fee agreement where CMT Advisory staff is involved only within the scope set in the contract. Optionally, the service may include an ad-hoc support to the Financial Director or temporarily performing a specific set of the Financial Director’s responsibilities.

Examples of tasks performed by an external Financial Director:

  • Day-to-day support to the enterprise’s Management Board in the area of finance and accounting,
  • Shaping the accounting policy of the entity,
  • Co-operation with the accounting department and Financial Controller, and at the same time supervising their work,
  • Taking actions aimed to improve profitability and value of the company,
  • Responsibility for co-operation with financial institutions,
  • Monitoring financial liquidity of the enterprise,
  • Participation in making strategic decisions, including decisions concerning mergers and acquisitions.